Tropical plants you can have anywhere in the world

I want to show you some tropical plants that you can take care of yourself anywhere in the world.

Watering needs: low

Sunlight needs: high

This plant is super easy and it grows so quickly. I have gotten the base pieces on this plant from nature so I feel some extra love towards this plant. The only thing you need to think about is that this plant needs all light that it can get. If you can't have it outside you should definitely place it in a window where it gets plenty of light.

Watering needs: low

Sunlight needs: low

Whenever there is a question about which plants you can neglect you will hear about this plant. It will literally tolerate anything, except overwatering. Even though the plant can tolerate low light I still give mine indirect light because it will make it happy, and not just alive.

Neglect it with love.

Watering needs: low

Sunlight needs: medium

This is by far the easiest palm tree I've ever dealt with. It likes whatever I give it. I've kept it in the shade but it can tolerate direct sunlight too. Just remember to adjust it to it.

I have not watered this much at all. I've given it water from a saucer below a couple of times, other than that I have let nature decide (and the summers here are really dry).

The only downside to this palm is that it takes forever to grow. It will take 50-100 years before its a full grown palm tree. It's still really cute as a baby palm though.

Watering needs: High

Sunlight needs: Medium

This is what some would call a retro plant. I don't understand how it ever went out of fashion. Look how gorgeous it is with its lush green leaves.

This plant needs lots of water and will start to droop as soon as it get thirsty. I water mine from below and within a couple of hours it stands tall like a queen again. But remember, don't overwater!! Don't place this one in direct sunlight but give it some bright indirect light.

The flowers will turn greenish once they mature.

Good luck with your tropical plant journey 💕

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