Christmas Special - How to care for poinsettia, azalea and amaryllis

Hi and Merry Christmas!

The most wonderful time of year has come again and it is time to decorate with gorgeous Christmas plants, and I am going to show you how you can take care of them.

First and foremost, remember that there is a reason that the blooming time is around Christmas. These plants like cooler temperatures, so keep them away from your radiators. The indoor climate tend to be warmer and drier during winter with use of lots of radiators, so remember that your plants will dry out quickly. Ideally the temperature should range between 15 and 20 degrees. During winter there is also very little daylight but you should try to give your flowers as much light as possible.

Poinsettia, also known as Christmas Star, is the plant with the least special needs. However, you should:

  • Water the plant when the soil gets dry

  • Give it as much light as possible

  • It enjoys temperatures between 15 and 22 degrees celsius.

  • Water less when the plant loses its flowers, give it less water for a while, then it will come back next year

The actual flowers are on top of the coloured foliage. If you are allergic it might help to remove the small flowers on the top.

Azalea is known as The Royalty of the Garden. It is a gorgeous looking plant with lots of flowers. As it is a "royalty" it's also more of a diva than the Poinsettia. It needs lots of lots of water.

  • Put your azalea in a bucket of water every day. Wait until the bubbling stops, then you can take your plant out of the bucket.

  • The blooms will last longer in colder temperatures, ideally even below 20 degrees. So keep it away from your radiator!

  • I can't say it enough, give your plant as much light as possible

  • The blooms will come again next year, so don't throw it away after it's done blooming.

The Amaryllis flower is so beautiful and it's actually quite affordable. You can buy them in bulbs or to keep as a bouquet in a vase.

Caring for amaryllis as a bulb plant

  • Once again, place it in a spot with as much sun as possible to get large, gorgeous flowers.

  • It will flower after a couple of weeks and last for a long time.

  • The flower will grow longer if you give it lots of water and it might not be able to support itself. In that case you will have to give it support. Try to give it just enough to keep the soil moist. It won't hurt too much if it gets a bit too dry.

  • Take off spent flowers as they wither until all flowers are spent.

  • When all flowers are dead and you don't see any new growth on the stalk you should cut the stalk all the way down to get new flowers next year.

Caring for amaryllis in a vase

  • Give the plant new cold water every day to make the plants last longer.

  • The plant will do fine in room temperature but ideally you should move the plant to a cooler place at night.

  • Each single flower might actually last longer in a vase.

I hope you will succeed with your Christmas plants.

Merry Christmas from Newbie Plant Princess 💕

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