5 super easy tips to keeping your plants alive - and thriving

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Hi, this is the first post on Newbie Plant Princess! I am super excited. I have this passion and love for plants but I can also say that I am quite a newbie. But I still manage to get my plants to grow and stay alive. I want you to do the same. Therefore I am going to show 5 super easy tips that I follow and hopefully this will make your dream of getting your own tropical paradise come true.

When you have a pot with holes underneath it the plant will be able to get rid of excess water itself. If there is no holes underneath the pot the roots will just stand in water which eventually will lead to rot roots.

A good tip is to either water your plants from below (let it stand on a tray of water for around 30 minutes) or water your plants and let excess water run of before you put the plant and the pot back in its decorative pot.

All plants are different and all climates are different. Therefore there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to watering your plants. You can't leave your plant on a watering schedule and expect the plant to be happy with it.

Your plant only needs water when the soil is dry. How do you check that? You need to get your fingers dirty and put it as far down in the soil as you can, if you feel that its cold and moist (I know, everybody hates that word) then there is no need to water! If its warm and dry, its time to give your plant water.

If you give your plant too much water the roots will rot. There is no easy fix for rot roots. If you give your plants too little water some leaves can start to droop and wilt. If you don't wait too long then the plant will perk right up after you water it again.

Two things that will prevent you from overwatering is to have a pot with draining holes and feeling the soil before you water!

There are two things that are essential for plants: water and sunlight. The sunlight is what makes the plants look green and lush.

If you look at the new small leaf on the picture you will see that it is much paler than the older leaves. That is because it hasn't gotten enough light yet. If I were to place this plant in a dark room the new leaf would stay pale or even die out but if I place it in a spot where it gets sufficient sunlight it will dark dark green like the adult leaves.

The lighting need is different from each plant but even though it says that some plants will survive without much light it doesn't mean that it will grow and thrive if it doesn't get any light. All plants needs light as it is a source of energy for them.

So we say that plants needs lots of sunlight and most of the plants we own are tropical plants that are standing in the scorching sun in their natural habitats. So let's just put our Monsteras and Strelitzias out in the sun during summer, that is where they thrive, right? Well, yes, but no. Your plant has been in a plant nursery and inside in your house so your plant isn't used to the strong UV that it would get from the direct sun.

To put your plant out in the sun without preparing it for it would be like putting a pale human being out in the sun for the first time in ages without any sunscreen. Both the plant and the human being would get burnt.

But you still want your gorgeous tropical plants out on your balcony during summer, right? So prepare your plants for the sun.

Day 1 - Leave your plant in the sun for 5 minutes before taking it back inside

Day 2 - Leave your plant in the sun for 10 minutes before taking it back inside

.. and continue with increasing the time intervals until eventually after a week or two you will be able to leave your plant out in the sun for the summer. But before you do that please make sure that your plant is a plant that can handle the sun.

I know, it is confusing. Give your plants water but not too much. Give your plants sunlight but not too much. If you want to go supersafe:

  1. Water from a tray, that way the plant will only take the water it needs, and let the plant stand on a dry tray for a bit before putting it back in its decorative pot.

  2. Leave your plants where it gets light but make sure it stands in the shadow

I hope this helped you and got you motivated to getting the plants you've always dreamed of. I can assure you it will give you lots of love back

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